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Our Services

Water-based Cabinet Refinishing

Low VOC, Extreme Durability,

Beautiful Factory Finish


Your cabinets will be cleaned, sanded, dents will be patched, primed with extremely high quality 2 industrial bonding primer and sprayed with an extremely high quality water based industrial top coat. Beautiful spray finish that feels like glass (choose your own colour and sheen) - factory finish and a completely transformed kitchen and/or bath. 

We also offer grain filling and replacing hardware.


Same Factory Finish Products on brand new doors.


Your cabinet boxes will undergo the same prep and paint protocol as our normal refinishing, but we'll provide and spray brand new doors! Choose between shaker doors, flat slab and more! Get a brand new kitchen for a fraction of the price. 

Kitchen Cabinets Contractor Langford Victoria Oak Bay

Our Expertise


  • All spraying done by the owner

  • Over a decade in fine finish spraying experience

  • Kitchen will be enclosed in plastic with a negative air pressure to prevent spray and (most) smells from escaping, filtered, and exhausted out a window


  • We exceed industry standards

  • Years of specializing in luxury market

  • Satisfaction guaranteed 

Clean & Considerate

  • Tidy at the end of each day

  • Full clean at the end of the job

  • Overspray fully contained within ventilated plastic enclosure built in kitchen

  • Doors are sprayed at our shop

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